Let’s really connect…


This year I have spent a lot of time working with consciousness and working to be in a conscious place, universally connected in oneness, throughout my days. Consciousness and divine love are what we all desire most. These moments of complete connectivity create something that we cannot describe but we know what it feels like, it is the moment where all is still and balanced and we feel pure bliss. Who wouldn’t want to be in this space, all the time?

Our ego creates barriers and obstacles for us to overcome, but truly, we are already connected to our earth and other creatures and every little cell in this and other universes. When we can be conscious to that connection, really amazing things can happen. So how deep can we connect? How far will we let ourselves go?

We can initiate connections with other humans by being open to limitless possibilities. We can create and carry out our soul purpose when we are open to anything.

Make Eye Contact
When you greet someone, human or otherwise, make eye contact, let your eyes be the source of your openness to really connecting with your whole self to this person. Continue to maintain your eye contact as you speak with them.

Embrace Source to Radiating through You
The universal energy and the oneness that connects us all will provide us with the ability to create and love fully. When you embrace this radiating energy during a connection, beautiful energy will flow between you and the other person.

Speak from Your Heart
When words come to you, through your heart, speak them. Use your voice to really communicate what it is that your heart knows. Sometimes, there aren’t words, there is just space. Holding space and maintaining the connection is important.

Use your whole self to really listen without judgement, without fear, but with intent. Let the words of another be heard.

Have Gratitude
Share gratitude for the moment that you shared with another. Know that you can reflect upon this place at any time and that this experience is now a part of you. Be open to the oneness you share with this other person to grow and evolve.


Bottlenose #dolphin videos from whaleope

Bottlenose #dolphin videos from whaleopedia! Great resource! #funfacts http://ow.ly/uAOFu

Profound Water Connections

I am writing this blog post as an outsider. This is written in my third person account of my husband, Nathan’s experience with water, with his permission and his final edit.

Before my husband and I were married and we’d only been dating for about a year or so, we travelled to Florida together. We stayed at a beautiful hotel that had a lovely pool. Nathan was sitting on the edge of the pool and I was swimming. (Despite that we live very close to the ocean and walked the beach frequently, we never spoke much about swimming, mostly because in NH and Maine, the Atlantic is quite chilly without a wet suit most of the year.) I am a water baby, always have been and always will be. I just feel completely at home and free in the water. I asked him to come into the water, he declined and stated that he couldn’t swim. I was a bit impulsive and perhaps a bit insensitive at the time and pulled him into the 6′ or 8′ pool, I then proceeded to have to rescue him, as he sunk like a rock to the bottom and was unable to get to the surface. This was about 2006.

WHOOPS! He now tells me that he has had three near drowning experiences. 1: His dad’s friend throws him into the lake to “teach” him to swim, he nearly drowns. 2: He was with another of his dad’s friends in a canoe and the canoe tipped, he was trapped under water. 3: He became brave in a pool and ventured out into the deep end and needed to be saved by yet a third friend of his dad’s. These events all occurred around Nathan’s 5th year as a child.

WOW! It gets more interesting. Nathan’s father and grandfather were professional skin and scuba divers. They owned the local dive shop for many years. Nathan’s father died when he was 4 years old from skin cancer. His grandmother forbid him to go in the water for whatever her reasons were. And his mum is not much of a swimmer.

Nathan’s little brother, Alex was a fish! Mum could not get him out of the water, ever, much the opposite of Nathan. Alex unfortunately passed away in 2009 due to a heart condition.

We travel frequently and Nathan began to become intrigued by the water, especially the warm Caribbean waters. In 2008, in the Dominican Republic, Nathan rode a horse through the ocean and jumped waves. He began to become more interested in the Atlantic back home as well, occasionally, donning a wet suit to jump waves and play in the water, even attempting to boogie board once or twice.

I am a physical therapist and practice craniosacral therapy and somaotoemotional release with many clients including my husband. About 2 months after Alex passed away, Nathan and I found ourselves surrounded by 2 very good friends (also therapists), Gary and Jan and some other participants in a weekend seminar on attunement. We had a beautiful opportunity to work on each other in the water and used the above techniques.

It was Nathan’s turn to receive therapy. He had had many therapy sessions prior to this point and was used to the type of work, the water, however was a new element. He lied on his back in the water, comfortably supported by myself, Gary, Jan and one other therapist. He was extremely relaxed. Then he started to twist a little and his body began to unwind in the water. He did not go underwater and water was not splashing him, but he began to cough deeply. So much so, that he had to move into a seated position in the water to force the coughs out. During this process, he was able to respond from a subconscious state and was able to state that he was okay. He felt he was coughing up water. But when asked if he swallowed water, he said “no”. Water was not coming up. He then said the water is old. After this his body relaxed, he coughed lightly and relaxed again.

When he was processing the session afterwards, he explained that he felt he was coughing up water from all of his near drowning experiences when he was a boy. This was deep. This was also a therapy experience in which the client is accessing past experiences and allowing trauma to shift toward something positive.

The next day, Nathan had another session in the water. During this session, with hands supporting him at all times, his body began to roll under the water and then bog and shift, almost as if he were searching frantically for something.

Because of Nathan’s fear and his newness to therapy in the water, we frequently were checking in verbally with him. He stated that he was chasing his brother and that his brother was in the water. There was a point were after a long time of chasing, his body relaxed and he tightly clenched one of the therapists. Nathan had reconnected with Alex in the water.

In the instances of these therapy sessions, Nathan used the water as a medium to emotionally connect to his fear of water and to process loss and connect to his brother. Nathan began to trust the water.

Nathan began to kayak (even in caves), boat, tube and went white water rafting. He continued to play in the ocean and build a bond with water.

On our honeymoon, we had the opportunity, in Greece, to swim to a natural hot spring that emptied into the ocean. The water was about 40′ deep and the swim was about 100′. There was no gear on the boat or even a noodle. Nathan was unable to go on this adventure. He waited on the boat and when I returned said, “I think it’s time for me to learn to swim, so that I can experience these amazing things with you.”

Okay, now we’ve really gotten somewhere.

Our next opportunity for some swimming was a trip to Antigua and Barbuda. Nathan began to really interact with the water and swam in the pool underwater for the first time. He also swam in the ocean through the waves. He didn’t move very far or very fast, but he swam. Nathan and I love adventure and we opted for one that involved a hike over “hell’s gate”, where the atlantic meets the Caribbean. We started our day with a trip to an island called bird island, where we could swim and snorkel along the beach. it was then time for the hike. The boat moored about 50′ from hell’s gate. And out came the flippers, snorkels and masks. Ugh oh, I thought. But to my surprise, Nate said, “I’m going for it!” there was another man that was a non swimmer and they stuck together and pushed each other along. They used small waist floatation devices.Walking over hell’s gate was supposed to be the conquest, but for Nathan, it was certainly the swim out! After the hike, we had the chance to snorkel if we chose in the reef and he stuck it out of that too! After this he became more confident and was in the water everyday of that trip and when we went home, he was the one encouraging me to head to the beach!

Here we are in june 2012… Since then, Nate has been swimming and playing in the water more and more. Our snorkeling experience in Antigua was really a lot of playing and trial and error, but we didn’t have any real skills. Our friends, Gary and Jan, once again encouraged us to try it with them one day. We realized this was a beautiful way to connect with the water.

We decided on a whim to go into Atlantic Aquasports in Rye to get some snorkel equipment before our trip to Tortola. Turns out this shop is owned by the diver that Nathan’s grandfather mentored back in the 1960s. We knew this going into the shop, but weren’t sure what we might be getting ourselves into. Donny knew exactly who Nathan was after a brief, “hello, I’m Nathan”. The connection was immediate and clearly ran very deep.

He fit us for equipment and got us into his Onsite pool for a lesson. He has Nathan snorkeling around the pool successfully within 10 minutes. I was skin diving in about the same.

We went to the ocean to practice 3 or 4 times prior to our next lesson. We had a great time breathing like whales and dolphins and playing in the waves for hours. On our last practice session, we snorkeled along the beach a good distance and then went above some of the rocks. All of a sudden, I see Nathan with his butt up in the air head down, diving or drowning. I wasn’t sure. It took me about 30 seconds to process that my husband, who not that long ago was afraid of water, was now skin diving without hesitation! And he loved it!

We went back to Donny’s shop for our next lesson and Nathan showed off his hard work and even went through the underwater rings a few times. He is comfortable now skin diving but wants to move deeper…

Today, in Tortola, we swam with dolphins, for the fifth time, and Nathan looked right at home. He also snorkeled over reefs with sand 40′ below, seeing a shark, several barracuda, sting rays and lots of other sea creatures! He even swam in the rough break water. All the while, not missing a beat! What an amazing week of finning and connecting so deeply with the water and sea life!

This gift of a connection to his brother, grandfather, and dad on a conscious and non conscious level is palpable and something he has been seeking for so long. His water journey is a beautiful one and is continuing to grow and evolve!

I am so fortunate to have observed and to have participated in this beautiful process!

Universal Vibration

Sometimes, it is difficult to overcome feeling a little rundown and overwhelmed. For me, a little sinus trouble really impacted my ablity to move forward positively and provide my best effort with everything I do. Then I was hit with what I am going to call a black rain cloud, that is seeming to want to stick around and process for a bit. I am allowing myself to feel what I need to but also need to move in a positive direction and set my intentions clearly. I am working on this, but can’t help but feel the black rain cloud still lurking in my periphery.


Just when I thought for a moment, I was going to be stuck in this processing phase and not have resolution quickly enough (in my current mindset). And then, one of the best things that has ever happened to me as a therapist happened…


I was working with one of my high school kiddos that I’ve known for about 4 years. I brought him a new walker to trial and we went through the grueling process of adjusting to the new equipment. We came up with a plan for him to trial it throughout the next week or so. And we set down. I was writing his note and looked up and he says, “sometimes people ask me about my therapist, I say she’s a hardass, but I love her. even though she makes me do sh*t I don’t always like, I get it and it’s worth it.”


This makes everything I do worth it in everyway. If I continue to do my best with everything I do, act only with love, make my intentions clear and continuously move forward, I can improve my universal vibration.


I challenge all of you to look at your impact on universal vibration. What makes it worth it for you to keep moving forward with ease and grace and living the life you choose to live? What are your little daily reminders? Find one each day, then find one each hour and keep moving forward.

Short and Sweet, Figuratively and Literally

I had a fantastic experience this past weekend. The story is short and sweet and the boy who made it happen was short and sweet!

I was on the Cape at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA (if you have not been, the gardens and car museum are amazing AND the ROCKWELL exhibit was outstanding- GO) on Sunday and while my mother-in-law and husband were off getting lemonade and sandwiches, I was guarding a bench for us to all sit on together. I had the pleasure of observing this family of 5. The mom, dad, 2 or so year old and two very new newborns. Mom pushed the carriage (one made for twin babies and a toddler- which I thought was amazing) up ahead of the little guy and his dad. There was a pretty steep incline that led up to where I was sitting. Mom parked her carriage and babies just to the side of me and began talking with friends or acquaintances. My eyes immediately were drawn to this little guy as he embarked upon the climb to the top of the hill. I would look away for a second or so and he would still be looking at me. He came to the top of the hill and his mom and dad were encouraging him to run, which was difficult on the final steep grade, but he kept trucking! When he got to the top of the hill, without skipping a beat, he ran right to me and handed me this tiny, sweaty, well loved flower. I graciously accepted, made eye contact and thanked him and nodded at his mom and dad! Shortly after, they parted and I continued to wait for lunch, only now, with a brighter smile and warmer heart!!

Always act with Love.

Wanted vs Unwanted

Today, at the gym I had an experience where I became frustrated. I am used to working out with just a few people and we all work harmoniously on our own goals and stay out of each other’s way. There are some pleasantries, but conversation is minimal. Goals are in mind and getting the work done is the primary focus.

I am only going to state that the gym felt crowded to me this morning. Again, going back and reliving the experience will bring back the frustration, so there is no point in doing that. I don’t need to. I realized there was a lesson and I got to realize it as I was reading Law of Attraction on the Elliptical.

The paragraph that caught my attention regarding what you want and don’t want:

“Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts. But because they are not accustomed to doing that, it takes practice. … The universe, which is responding to the thoughts that you are thinking does not distinguish between a thought brought about by your own observation of some reality you have witnessed and a thought brought about by your imagination. In either case, the thought equals your POINT OF ATTRACTION- and if you focus upon it long enough, it will become your reality.”

So, without really realizing it, because I was observing what was going on around me and being curious about these “new people” invading my space.  I literally attracted them right to the machine I was working on, which put me “out of my cycle”.

It is always interesting to me, when something like this happens, I create a situation that is displeasing and then I learn why. I have to work on setting up my boundaries and being clear with what I want. Allowing myself to see what I do not want, but not focusing on it, as I do not need to bring it to me, figuratively or in today’s case, literally.

Being curious about what someone else was doing or why they were at the gym at 5:30 this morning invading the harmoniousness that typically exists was all my creation and then by fixating, I further attracted what I didn’t want to myself.

So today, I am working on making sure that my Point of Attraction is what I really want and need.


The Past Impacts the Present… Just Be Present…

I am writing this post today because there has been a common trend in many of those around me lately. Many people in my life, in the past few days, have been talking about the past creeping up on them. Some are even re-living the the past.

I want to share what I have learned from my readings in The Fifth Agreement and The Law of Attraction as it seems to help me live in the present and create my beautiful dream.

If we are truly living in the moment and experiencing only what is happening here and now, what is life like?

Each time we look into the past and relive the memories of the past that are negative, we are not serving ourself to the best of our abilities and we are not moving forward. We go back and we feel regret, blame, shame, anger, disappointment, sadness, hurt, remorse, PAIN. The list goes on and on… In order to find our best selves and to best share that with others, we cannot continue to live in the past. We do not need to re-experience these feelings over and over again. We need to move forward.

Once we can accept that the negative past need not be the future we can learn from our experiences and really enjoy the moment and life. We can really be one with the universe and find true happiness. We can act and react out of love.

The more we practice these acts, the easier it becomes, the better our lives are and the stronger our force becomes to create the beautiful life and dream we choose. The more present in our own lives we become.

Now, you don’t have to believe this, in fact, as Don Miguel Ruiz does, I encourage you to “listen but be skeptical”. If this is what makes sense to you, then give it a try.

Be Present, Right Here, Right Now…



In the past few weeks, my posting has certainly lacked, but my manifestations and journey to my best self has not. There will be a few more posts to come this week, I hope!

For sometime now, the husband and I have considered adopting a pet. We have toyed with the idea of a smaller dog for a while, but we travel so frequently that our home would simply not be the most appropriate for an attention seeking, care needing dog creature.

My husband has always had cats, I had not…. EVER. In fact, I am not much of a cat person, generally. I met my neighbor’s cat sometime ago. He is a cornish rex. He is so friendly, agile, full of personality, tiny, and beautiful; I thought I could see myself getting a cat like Mew. I had not really put it out there beyond the simple thought that “it could be possible”.

My husband met Mew for the first time about 3 weeks ago, now. He also fell in love with the cat. We began to talk more seriously about getting a cornish rex and inquiring about the breed. Within 2 weeks of really putting it out there and knowing we were ready, a sealpoint cornish rex appeared at the humane society just down the road from our house. She was perfect and we adopted her immediately.

Her name is Fira. The name actually comes from a small volcanic island off the coast of Santorini, Greece that we hiked on our honeymoon. She is truly fantastic. She loves to play and snuggle. She is very social and bright. She knows exactly what she wants. She is the perfect addition to make our twosome, Three!

In reading the Law of Attraction, and seeing first hand the magnetic power of our thoughts with Fira, I have witnessed the power of creating my own reality and my own dream. I have the power to create my own reality and my own dream. I am creating my own reality and my own dream. You have the power create your own reality and your own dream by increasing your own magnetic power and attracting what it is that you want and need.

By staying focused on a subject of your choosing, your point of attraction on that topic will become much more powerful… There is tremendous power in focusing…

I want to be clear that I am not utilizing it for the purposes of material things. Wanting and manifesting Fira was about expanding family and bringing in love and giving love. Is this a coincidence, perhaps, but it seems to me, coincidences show up most often when they are serving a need or want that you are already seeking and focusing on. I have begun to apply this law of attraction throughout my life.  I have found the magnetic power to be amazing and end each day feeling filled with focus and all that I need.

Why not create a beautiful dream?

Why can’t that dream be reality?

The Power of Water

I have always been extremely attracted to water.

Over the past 3 months, I have decided to interact with water in a new way. Watching it, just watching it. I have taken several videos of my experiences with water and am ready to share them.

January 2012 – Long Sands Beach, York, Maine
In January, I ventured out to Long Sands Beach in York Maine. I was hoping to just get some video of the water, but the waves were pretty large that day and the beach was full of surfers, so I videoed a pretty amazing ride that one surfer had. The wave really just cradled him for a pretty excellent ride! The sun was setting, the sky was gorgeous! What was amazing to me was how long of a break this particular wave had.

I also managed to catch a sunset photo over the water.

February 2012 – York Harbor Beach, York, Maine
On this particular day, the sun was shining and the snow had all melted away. It was brisk, but a perfect day to explore the harbor. A quiet peaceful harbor view. What appealed to me most about this video was that, due to the extreme “flatness” of the ocean, it was very obvious to notice all of the smaller movements of the ocean, moving side to side so rhythmically.

I also managed to grab a video of small tidal pool along the Cliff Path. The water as it moves in an almost circular pattern sounds extremely different here than it does when the waves are crashing. I loved the gurgling, bubbling sounds and the gentleness as the tide came in.

Along the walk, I was able to grab a photo of the infamous, Boon Island. From this vantage point, it is probably around 8 miles away. Amazing to see it like this with the naked eye.

March 2012 – North Hampton State Beach, North Hampton, NH
The first really warm day of an almost “hot” bout in mid March. My husband’s birthday became grounds for an adventure to North Hampton Beach. A long walk along the beach was the perfect way to start the morning. I loved watching the lulls in the wave patterns on this particular day. The ocean was somewhat flat and quiet. I also love seeing the water move through all of the sea treasures it brought ashore.

March 2012 – Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH
On an atypical march day in NH, the temperature soared to 85*. After I finished with my last client, I could absolutely not stand to stay inside. So I went with a friend to Hampton Beach. I had not been there since I was little! It is always way too crowded with tourists in the summer, but fortunately not in March at sunset! Here is a video of the waves as the tide just began to roll back in. I love how there is a little sea duck to the left of the screen, just riding the waves!

My friend and I noticed this rock. She and I were both in awe of the ripples in the sand and this solitary rock. Looking at this scene, it really makes me think about the message that the ocean might have been leaving in the sand.

I am starting to consider what messages the water may be carrying for me and reflecting on my connection to water.

Natural Bridges

After my post about the local bridge, I got to thinking about the beauty of natural bridges I’ve seen over the past couple years.

^ Devil’s Bridge, Antigua
A bridge that we hiked 3 or 4 miles to get to and encountered a herd of wild donkeys. This bridge was pretty cool because it was right over the ocean and the waves broke under and eventually over the bridge. We actually watched the tide roll in and watched many many waves break against the bridge. This photo was taken with the tide higher. The cracks and the fact that someone was helicoptered out of the water the previous week, discouraged us from crossing this bridge.

^ Hells Gate, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Antigua
This is one of the most beautiful natural bridges, I’ve ever seen. It was also spectacular to see the color change in the water between the Atlantic and Caribbean. Atlantic was a much darker blue and the Caribbean was that gorgeous teal blue. The boat anchored a ways away from the bridge and we swam out to the bridge and then hiked up and over the bridge.

On our trip to Antigua, we were surprised with two gorgeous natural bridges. Both were very different but breathtaking.

^ Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz, CA
So this little bridge I spotted from the top of the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

^ Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz, CA
This is a really cool natural bridge also in Santa Cruz. Again we got there at just the right time when the tide was coming in and watched the tide roll all the way up to the cliffs on the right of the photo. I love all of the green moss growing along the bridge.

Santa Cruz is known for these Natural Bridges, in fact, there is a beach named for them. Natural Bridges State Beach.

What is significant about these natural bridges found in many different areas of the world?

We build bridges to connect two points often over water… these natural bridges I found, are all over water (there are a bunch of natural bridges that occur on land). Though their purpose seems diminished in the practical sense, perhaps there is a purpose. The way I see it is that nature is reminding us that any two points may be connected, even if it doesn’t seem possible. It seems like day to day we are trying to connect to something or someone, we use lots of different tools to make this happen. But perhaps sometimes it is just as simple as reaching out, interlocking a hand, and connecting, just like the bridges.

Another view I have is that as these bridges form often due to erosion, connections remain. Perhaps that should be a reminder to us all that even with change, there is still a connection. Where a connection was once obvious, it has possibly faded, but its memory will always remain and there was a reason for that connection. It serves as part of us, part of who we are, who we become.

Finally, I think I am reminded to be connected, always, to myself. I am reminded to stay tuned into what my body (my heart and soul) are telling me. And to see how much strength is in that connection to self.

I feel grateful to have seen these 4 amazing bridges in 2 locations. I look forward to finding more. I am also grateful to apply the vision of the natural bridge to life. They are a gorgeous sight to see and remind us how important it is to be connected.

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